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F-con V-Pro Version 3.4


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HKS' long-seller full engine management computer F-CON V Pro Ver. 3.4 is available very soon, still a little vapour ware happening on this one. Once we have software for it we will be selling the new Vpro. Talk to Reg or Mike at RCTS 403 259 3106 or

F-CON V Pro Vehicle Specific Harness and other sensors are available separately as F-CON V Pro option parts.

More detailed and wider variety of parameters can be managed with this product.

No base setting is pre-programmed. Settings according a vehicle are required.

This product does not work on a vehicle without F-CON V Pro Vehicle Specific Harness.


Fuel and ignition can be fully controlled.

Solenoid valves, relays and warning light can be controlled using option functions.

PowerWriter software enables output control and monitoring of engine parameters.

The fuel management is available up to 8 injectors so it is capable of controlling the sequential 4-cylinder twin injector as well as sequential 8-cylinder.

Ignition control is available up to 8 systems. Also, rev-limit function by restrict the ignition is available for race use. This function enables the engine boost to be maintained while the vehicle is stopped before a drag start.

Connecting an A/F meter enables the feedback control function which the A/C value is automatically fed back to the target A/F value. A built-in log data memory function is also available to provide a product by considering easiness for its use.


The control that many auxiliary outputs are linked has become possible with the high-level fuel and ignition control based on various signal input function as well as the option output function.

Input Items




‹ÄÈIntake Air Pressure

‹ÄÈWater Temperature

‹ÄÈIntake Air Temperature

‹ÄÈExhaust Air Temperature

‹ÄÈFuel Temperature

‹ÄÈOil Temperature

‹ÄÈFuel Pressure

‹ÄÈOil Pressure

‹ÄÈAtmospheric Pressure

‹ÄÈExternal A/F

‹ÄÈExternal Knocking


‹ÄÈFuel Volume Correction

‹ÄÈIgnition Volume Correction

‹ÄÈFuel Sub-correction Selection

‹ÄÈIgnition Sub-correction Selection

‹ÄÈIgnition Cut RPM Correction

‰_ÊOption Output Function

‹ÄÈElectric Fan Relay

‹ÄÈFuel Pump Relay

‹ÄÈNOS Relay

‹ÄÈA/C Relay

‹ÄÈMain Relay

‹ÄÈIC Spray

‹ÄÈIdle Control

‹ÄÈLogging Stats

‹ÄÈAnti-lag Status

‹ÄÈIgnition Cut (Start) Status



‹ÄÈPower Status

‹ÄÈBoost Control

‹ÄÈWarning Rpm

‹ÄÈWarning A/F

‹ÄÈWarning Knocking

‹ÄÈWarning Water Temperature

‹ÄÈWarning Oil Temperature

‹ÄÈWarning Exhaust Air Temperature

‹ÄÈWarning Other Pressure

‹ÄÈWarning Intake Air Pressure

‹ÄÈWarning Fuel Pressure

‹ÄÈWarning Oil Pressure"

  • Model: 42012-AK007

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