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RCTS Plug and Play ECU for 7M-GTE, with fully tuned maps


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RCTS is now offering a custom made and developed plug and play 32bit ECU with full EGO control for Toyota 7M-GTE, using the lasted high quality OEM automotive quality components and boards 1987 -1988 engines.

Many hours of R&D and testing have resulted in this fully tested and correctly configured Plug and Play ECU for the 7M-GTE. This new ECU makes the old 7M-GTE run better than I have ever seen, amazing stable smooth idle. The ECU completely replaced the dated Toyota TCCS unit, controlling everything using modern ECU methods, Speed Density, EGO Control, Idle Control, etc.

Three fully tuned options are available with use of Innovative LC2 Wide Band Option.

Option 1

RCTS sells this ECU’s fully tuned for stock standard cars with factory injectors, plug it in and go.

Option 2

We also sell the ECU with a fully tuned map for available separately ID1000cc injectors and optional sequential injection engine ad on wiring harness, changing the 7M-GTE to full sequential fuel injection rather than the dated 3 groups of 2 batch fire method.

Option 3

If necessary for custom tuning on cars that don’t have the stock 440cc or ID1000cc injectors with Sequential Control. RCTS can dyno tune your car or can even remote tune your motor over the internet if customer is in a different city than Calgary, remote tuning costs 120 dollar flat rate on a case by case bases.

Software is also included so you can log data and do your own tuning or adjustments yourself. As well you can have RCTS remotly tune your engine over the internet. The new ECU also includes optional full wide band support and automatic EGO control like all new modern cars using optional Innovative LC2 wide-band system. The EGO control works just as with a modern automotive engine.

Note: following other Toyota engines are also supported.

1JZ-GTE and 2JZ-GTE 1JZ-GTE VVTi, 2JZ-GTE VVTi, 3S-GTE, 4A-GE, in Corolla AE86 MR2 and Celica All Trac.

  • Model: RCTS-PT-MS3Pro-87-88

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