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Hondata ECU Performance Reflash (In-House at RCTS)


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The Hondata performance flash is available for many Hondas, however, for licensing reasons the only cars that RCTS offers an in-house flash tune for are listed below. If your Honda/Acura does not appear in the list below, it may still be eligible for a Hondata reflash, but must be shipped to Hondata in California through RCTS so they may do the flash themselves. There is a separate item for this on the RCTS webstore. Upon your purchase of a Hondata reflash, RCTS will call or email you to arrange a time and date convenient for you to bring your car to the RCTS shop to have the flash installed. The following cars are eligible for an in-house reflash:

Perhaps the only upgrade you plan do to your car is an intake or cat-back. Maybe you're not technically minded and would prefer to put your car's tuning in the hands of one of Hondata's expert tuners. Now you can benefit from Hondata's state of the art custom tuning software with no downtime, for a new low price of

Just drive your Honda or Acura to any one of the participating dealers. Within a few minutes they can install one of the many tuned base maps. If you want to go a little further the Hondata dealer can perform a custom tune.

Civic R18: 2006-2011

Civic Si: 2006+

CRZ: 2011+

Fit: 2007-2008

Acura ILX: 2013+

Acura RDX: 2007-2012 EXCLUDING 2011

S2000: 2006+

Acura TL: 2007-2008

Acura TSX: 2007-2010

For information on the benefits of the reflash on your specific vehicle, visit:

  • Model: Hondata Reflash at RCTS Shop
  • Manufactured by: HonData

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